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Europe Round 3: Highs and Lows of Each City

So I think we all can agree I've been slacking on writing about my post-grad trip to Europe! I got so caught up in studying for the CPA as soon as I got back, but I'm hoping after my test on Saturday I'll get a little more free time! I want to give you all… Continue reading Europe Round 3: Highs and Lows of Each City

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Make Rome Your Home- Food Edition:

Making Rome your Home: Food Edition. Find all the best places to eat!

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Ciao from Roma!

Hello old friend: Hi everyone, its been a while huh? This past semester I was definitely slacking on blogging but I had a lot of things to do to get ready for my semester abroad.  I've been in Rome for over a month now. Wow writing that just absolutely blew my mind- I cant believe… Continue reading Ciao from Roma!