Photography has been a passion of mine for years. My uncle was, and still is, my inspiration. He was a photographer passionate about travel and getting that perfect shot. His photography took him all over the country, and he extensively traveled all over New Mexico. I feel as though I’m following in his footsteps, and I am even using his camera to help me do it.

~ D A Y I N S A L E M~

~ M A Y R O A D T R I P ~

Grand Teton National Park

Stops along the way

Quick Idaho Pit Stop

Yellowstone National Park

~S P R I N G I N B O S T O N~

Loving the flowers in the Gardens!
More Tulips!
Acorn Street, obviously!
Acorn pt. 2!
That Beacon Hill Brick is Amazing!
My first GoPro Hero 9 pic!
Lil GoPro selfie stick action

Fall Photos from Harold Parker State Forrest!

Some 2020 Photos

During COVID it’s been tough to get out and take pictures. However I’ve managed to get to a few places on my list and use my camera!


George’s Island

On September 1st, my family and I decided to take the Boston Harbor ferry to George’s Island. On that island is Fort Warren, a fort built in the 1850s. It sadly is falling apart, although it may not be that noticeable from the outside. The grass is overgrown, the rooms within the fort are falling apart, and there are no displays as to what the fort was like when it was in operation. Personally, I found it to be extremely sad that this national historic site is falling into disrepair. Although it may not be militarily important, it is important to our country’s history and it must not be forgotten about and left to decay.

Skyline from the Boston ferry
View from the top of Fort Warren
Just one of the rooms left to decay
Names scratched on one of the inner walls of the fort

Testing Out my New Camera

On Prime Day, I decided to invest in a new Nikon D3500. My Nikon D7000 is great, but it’s pretty old and very heavy around my neck after a while. I definitely would say I still like my D7000 better, but this light-weight camera is perfect for a hot day, or a day full of walking around a city! It’s also great because its small size allows it to fit in back packs and it doesn’t hurt your back!

To see some photos of my first time using my new camera, check the USA tab!

Go Pro Hero 4 Photos

I brought my GoPro Hero 4 to Europe, but I left the memory card in the United States (not shocking if you know me). I sadly couldn’t get any pictures of the Cliffs of Moher with it, but I did get some good ones of Florence from the Bell Tower next to the Duomo. Check them out below!

The Duomo from above

Top Europe Photos From Each Major City:

A warm spring day in Boston:

Iceland’s Top Shots

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Blue Lagoon

The bay across Grotta Lighthouse
Black sand beach
Grotta Lighthouse

Europe 2018- Nikon D7000 Top Photos:

Street art in Plaka, Athens Greece
Trastevere, Rome
View from our apartment in Nice, France
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain
Lake Brienz, Switzerland