Just for Fun

I’ve been up to some fun adventures abroad, but I’ve also had some fun around the states.


Every year, some of our friends get together to go to our friend Jared’s house in Rockport, MA!

The weekend is filled with friends, food and drinks, tents, and the beach!

Like most normal houses, it’s pretty hard to fit 30 people, so some of us slept in tents outside! Myself and my boyfriend bought a $30 tent and $17 queen sized air mattress and camped out in his back yard under the stars. It was the first time I slept in a tent, and surprisingly I loved it! At night, we took the top tarp off and fell asleep under the stars!

On Saturday, we all went to the beach and enjoyed a day in the sun. We went in the water a ton and played games like Spikeball too! Here’s a picture of all of us at the beach!

My favorite part of the whole weekend was just hanging out with friends and catching up! It’s super hard going from seeing all of them every single day to not seeing them at all except for grad parties and special events. Every day at school we used to get lunch and dinner together, so it’s definitely sad to not have your fam of 20+ people at your dinner table everyday day and night!

Here’s a few more pictures from the weekend!

50 Days Dance

This weekend marked 50 days until graduation. SCARY. At my college, we have a 100 days dance, a 50 days dance, and a senior formal that’s right before graduation.

100 days was honestly nothing special. It was barely decorated and they had this “dueling pianos” band come who just played oldies the whole time. It didn’t feel special overall and it was just kind-of blah.

Going into 50 days, I wasn’t expecting much if I’m being honest. I figured Stonehill couldn’t possibly step up its game that much for this dance. However, I was wrong.

There was great food, a DJ, and everything was decked out in white. There was a huge dance floor, a lounge area, and very fancy bar tables and stools. The food wasn’t bad either (I’m bias because they had pigs in a blanket). They also had a professional photographer that took pictures of friends and gave them printed photos of it right on the spot. The professional pic was a great add on to the pictures I had on my camera, because I usually never print those out!

For those of you who are curious: I bought my dress from Express during their post-Christmas sale. So I was itching to wear it, obviously. It’s velvet and super comfortable and I definitely would recommend getting a dress like this from Express or a similar store (size small). I’m personally not someone who likes super tight, short dresses (especially for formal occasions) so a dress like this is always a great option! I personally like dresses that stand out, but in a good way and I think this color and style definitely do for all of the right reasons!

Overall, it was a great night of dancing and fun with friends! Here are some pictures for all of you:

Me and my boyfriend, Jimmy
Me and my two best friends! Katie (left) and Jen (middle)
Some of the girls I traveled to Germany with!

Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day was filled with roses, chocolate, strawberries, and other special gifts from my boyfriend!

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided to do something special. We booked a room at the Omni Parker House (got a great deal from Hotels.com) and made a reservation at the restaurant where he asked me to be his girl friend.

We took the MBTA in to Park Street and checked into our hotel. The room was so cute and old and we plopped right down on the bed (which was surprisingly like a cloud). We got ready and made our way to Lucia, our favorite restaurant in the North End! The hotel was a great location because it was close to the T and also close to tourist attractions like the North End and Fanuiel Hall.

Our meal at Lucia was amazing per usual, and we obviously stopped at Mike’s Pastry after to grab some dessert! Jimmy got a cannoli and I got a lobster tail. After, we walked around Fanuiel Hall and went back to the hotel to enjoy our sweets.

We ate our dessert snuggled up watching endless episodes of the Office, one of our favorite shows. Taking time to relax together, no phones or distractions other than Michael Scott, was much needed!

We went to bed early because we had big plans for the morning- Breakfast!

We checked out of our hotel and made our way back to the North End for a late Valentine’s Day brunch. I found this place on trip advisor, and was praying it would be good. Once we walked in, we knew we weren’t going to be disappointed. The place we went to was called the North Street Grill and it was absolutely amazing!

The restaurant was so small, probably only having 12 tables and a bar. We took the first available seats at the bar and ordered some mimosas. Jimmy got a regular mimosa, but I got a strawberry mimosa- absolutely DELICIOUS! I ordered pancakes and bacon and Jimmy got a fancy Eggs Benedict French Toast thing that he said was the best Eggs Benny he ever had. To this day we still talk about this meal and we’re dying to go back for more!