Everyone loves food, and I am certainly a foodie! My boyfriend and I love trying new places and finding hidden gems. I absolutely love local restaurants and would choose to eat at a locally owned restaurant over a chain any day.

If you’re looking for chain restaurant recommendations you definitely won’t find them here. Especially with COVID, small businesses need our help more than ever. I hope that some of my posts will inspire you to try a new local restaurant and keep them alive during this crazy time!

Downtown Boston Food Guide

Looking for a guide to the best places to eat in downtown Boston for every single meal? Look no further! Click here to discover the top spots- how fancy they are, their price level, and their photoworthiness!

North of Boston’s Best Eats

If you’re from the Eastern MA area and looking to support local restaurants during COVID- click here to learn about North of Boston’s Best Eats! This post was written during COVID restrictions (which are still in effect), so it will give you some options to have a safe out-to-eat experience!

How to avoid Tourist Trap Restaurants with Trash Food!

Finding good food abroad can be harder than you think. In tourist areas such as next to the Trevi Fountain, most of the restaurants you’re going to find are NOT serving delicious, authentic cuisine. The food is often pricey, not great, and NOT worth it! Learn how to spot touristy restaurants from a mile away by clicking here!

Trastevere’s Tastiest Foods

As you probably know by now, I studied abroad in Rome and lived in the Trastevere neighborhood for 5 months. If you’re ever going to Rome, you simply MUST go to Trastevere, for both the food and the beauty. Click here to see my fav breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert spots in the neighborhood I called home!

Food Porn to make your mouth water

Below are just a few photos of some of my most delicious, mouthwatering eats I’ve had lately. Definitely recommend checking out all of these if you’re in the area!

Il Massimo- Dedham, MA
Mike’s Pastry- North End- Boston MA
Deag’s Diner- Stoughton MA
Barley & Salt- North Conway NH
El Centro, Dedham MA