Everyone loves food, and I am certainly a foodie!
I usually post most of my food related content on my instagram, so be sure to look there for recommendations as well!

Utah’s Foodie Adventures:

In Utah, we were in a different small town everyday. I wouldn’t say they had the best food, but we did find a few hidden gems along the way! One thing I desperately missed: iced coffee.

Breakfast in Helper, Utah
Brisket Sandwich at a place called IDK BBQ
Pancakes at our hotel near Capitol Reef National Park
Rack of ribs at IDK BBQ

Hidden Gems:

I’m a firm believer of finding amazing restaurants when you least expect it. These past few weeks, I’ve managed to find a few that I feel obligated to share!

The first one: Real Gusto, Medford Massachusetts.

This restaurant is the real deal, I mean the owners are even from Italy. Forget the North End, come to this place! It is absolutely amazing. I’ve been searching for carbonara done “Rome style” since coming back to the US, but it took me a year to found it. I’ve been twice, and this dish was cooked perfectly both times.

I also got the bruschetta and the tomatoes were falling off the bread. The balsamic was a great touch, and they give you two pieces with mozzarella and two without.

Next: Deag’s local diner, Stoughton Massachusetts

My boyfriend and I just wanted some good breakfast/lunch food and the place we were going to go had a long wait. I found this place on Yelp and it was only 8 minutes away so we decided to give it a shot. Pulling up, it doesn’t look like the best place. However, right when we walked in the staff was so nice and the food they were bringing out looked amazing.

They have a great breakfast and lunch menu and it’s cheap too. I got an iced coffee and a turkey club with avocado and tater tots. My boyfriend got eggs benedict on top of corn bread and pork belly with a side of bacon. He’s hard to impress, so when he told me “this was the best bacon he’d ever had” (don’t tell his mom!!) I knew this place was great. Here’s a picture of my turkey club and his bacon!

My last hidden gem: Crescent Ridge in Sharon Massachusetts

Crescent Ridge is about 15 minutes from my college in Easton. The lines are always extremely long, but it’s well worth it. They have extremely creative flavors with a generous portions. They also have Hilliard’s chocolate sprinkles which are made with real chocolate!

My personal favorite is below: Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel ice cream with Hilliard’s Chocolate Sprinkles!

On my trip to Reykjavik, we mostly ate in. However we did eat out a few times and had some great food! Here are some pictures:

Fries from Reykjavik Chips
The “Fat Mike” sandwich from Emilie and the cool kids!
Inside: Avocado, Bacon, Cheese, Sweet Onion, Honey Mustard

Cinnamon Buns seem to be a trend around here!

See some of my favorite food pics from my time in Rome, Italy below!

Ombre Rosse
Ombre Rosse
Ombre Rosse
Gelateria del Viale
Dar Poeta