Here’s your place to learn about all things Boston! Since starting work, my travel has been mostly in and around Boston. I want to give my visitors the inside scoop on the city I call home! This page is mostly dedicated to photos and short stories about my experiences exploring various parts of the city.

Fall Fun in New England!

Curious what kind of fun fall things you can do in the Boston area this fall? Check out this post here and learn my top 5 favorite activites!

Cambridge’s Central Square:

This past Saturday, I took a solo trip to discover Graffiti Alley in Central Square. Click here to read about my experience and see more photos!

Beacon Hill: A Sunny April Saturday

My mom & me on Acorn Street

Boston Public Library:

The Boston Public Library in Copley Square is a great place to kill time, take some photos, or get out of the heat/cold while walking around Boston. You can take a guided tour, or just grab an info pamphlet and self-explore. I love the architecture and interior of the historic portion of the library. It’s super cool to me that people can actually do work in the old section pictured below!

A Fall Saturday in Lexington & Concord

The first weekend of November, I decided to go out on my own and drive around Lexington and Concord.

My first stop: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

So many famous Bostonians are buried here. Although I normally find cemeteries creepy, the graves of these famous Americans had meaningful articles next to them, and made it seem so peaceful.

My Second Stop: Louisa May Alcott’s House

My 3rd and Final Stop: Minute Man National Park

Such a fun and easy walk that you can do in any weather. The paths are wide and there is history scattered all about! So much parking and many different entrances as well!