Repost: Iceland Adventure Day 2- South Iceland’s Waterfalls

Today was out second day of sightseeing. Once again, we got up early and hopped in our Subaru Forester (nicknamed Leifa) to begin our journey. This day was dedicated to Iceland’s South Coast and we had quite a few stops to make. To get to our furthest point on the coast was 2.5 hours.

We mostly drove through lava filled land surrounded by mountains, and we saw a small town here and there. Unfortunately, it snowed over night so the roads were a little snow covered. After around 1.5 hours we reached our first point of interest for the day: Seljalandsfoss waterfall. To park we had to pay 700 ISK, but we decided we would just hop out quickly and see it.

We hopped out and ran to the waterfall and got pretty close up. It was huge and absolutely beautiful. There was a path that took you to the side and eventually behind it and we decided to take that path. We were halfway up the stairs when we realized we were SOAKED from the mist. Our hair was literally dripping, and so wasn’t my Nikon camera (yikes). We immediately ran back down the stairs and into the comfort of Leifa for warmth (without getting a ticket). Here’s a picture:

We weren’t exactly a huge fan of that waterfall, after much of the area around it was closed for exploration and we were soaked. We kept driving for another 20-30 minutes, reaching our next destination of Skógafoss waterfall.

Skógafoss was definitely my favorite waterfall of the trip because you could get “up-close and personal” with it without getting soaked. Visitors could walk right up to it, as well as see it from above. To see it from above, we climbed about 300 steps. We had our breath taken away, literally and figuratively, when we reached the top. You could see the river flowing into the waterfall and the mountains surrounding it along with the ocean in the distance. If you visit this waterfall, I highly recommend making the trek. Here are some pictures:

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