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Europe Round 3: Highs and Lows of Each City

So I think we all can agree I’ve been slacking on writing about my post-grad trip to Europe! I got so caught up in studying for the CPA as soon as I got back, but I’m hoping after my test on Saturday I’ll get a little more free time!

I want to give you all a little over view of my top favorite and not-so-great things I did or places I saw on my trip as a whole! I’ll be going day by day so check it out below!

First stop- Dublin, Ireland:

The first day we landed was our only day in Dublin. We were honestly exhausted and didn’t see too much of the city.


The Guinness Factory Tour

Least Favorite

The Jail- turns out you need to pre-order tickets… so we basically went for nothing!

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland:


Seeing the cliffs again!

Least Favorite

The “baby cliffs” about 20 min away from the Cliffs of Moher

London, England: Day 1


Sight seeing around London: seeing the cool taxis, and going to Buckingham Palace

Least Favorite

The Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4s. I personally am not into Harry Potter so the 30 min wait for this was not worth it to me

London, England Day 2:


Tower Bridge, inside and out was amazing!

Least Favorite

Kensington Palace- very underwhelming

Lisbon, Portugal Day 1:


The food was amazing, especially this night. Avocado & iberian ham salad, and we also ordered a “chefs favorite” tapas plate which was amazing

Favorite/ Least Favorite

I loved the beach! However, the water was way too cold to swim in

Lisbon, Portugal Day 2:


Our walking tour, because it pointed out great food spots like this one!

Least Favorite

Benfica Futbol Stadium- we drove all the way there and it was closed to tours with no notification!

Lisbon, Portugal Morning Day 3:


Pink Street & the sun and heat during the day

Least Favorite

Tourists getting in all my pictures of this trolley cart

Rome, Italy Night 1:

Favorite/ Least Favorite

Getting to go to my favorite Gelateria was a plus, but I’m sad we got there too late to explore everywhere in my neighborhood

Rome, Italy Day 2:


Getting to explore the Roman Forum! I only went there once when I studied abroad and didn’t spend too much time during my visit

Least Favorite

Not having time to visit all of my favorite shops, restaurants, and streets in Rome

Florence, Italy Day 1:


Getting to climb the Duomo and go inside! I went to Florence 3 or 4 times during my study abroad, but I never went inside the Duomo

Least Favorite

Florence being so small. A day trip there is more than enough, and by the end we ran out of things we wanted to see

Rome, Italy Day 3:


Visiting the Vatican! I love the walk along the Tiber to the Vatican and seeing the Castel San Angelo up there too!

Least Favorite

Saying goodbye to my home away from home without seeing everything I wanted to

Munich, Germany Day 1 & 2:


Seeing Munich from above and going to Dachau during the day (no pictures of Dachau, as I find it to be a place where pictures should not be taken out of respect)

Least Favorite

The food, I think it’s a known thing that the Germans aren’t famous for their food!

Salzburg, Austria Day 1:


Everything about the city, especially buying a lock and putting it on the “Love Lock Bridge”

Least Favorite

Some things were closed because it was Sunday & also not getting more time here! I loved this place!

Amsterdam, Holland Day 1:


The Canals and the Anne Frank House

Least Favorite

Not feeling super comfortable walking around there at night

Amsterdam, Holland Day 2:


Heineken Experience- it was super cool, interactive, and we got a lot of beer!

Least Favorite

Look out swing- it was a huge tourist trap! You get to overlook Amsterdam on a swing that goes for MAYBE 2 minutes… not worth the $$

Overall favorite place visited from my trip:

Keep in mind, I’m going to exclude Rome from this debate because it will always be my favorite!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the winner! I loved everything about this place and I need to go back and spend more time there!

The food was absolutely a m a z i n g. It was all fresh and so cheap too! Oh, and don’t forget about their sangria!

There’s so much history there, and knowing a lot about Portugal’s history from college, I wanted to learn more!

The beaches were beautiful and the weather was so nice!

Overall, it is such a laid back city with a lot of vibrance (especially at night) and hidden gems everywhere, definitely go if you can!

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