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Beginning the CPA Journey

So I decided to buckle down and finally get all of my paperwork together to register and apply for the CPA exam. Let me tell you, it is freakin complicated folks!

If I’m being honest, I still don’t even know if I did it right. For MA, you can sit for the exam 90 days before graduation and you must have 124 credits. I sent my transcripts by mail to the NASBA headquarters in Nashville along with my Certificate of Enrollment and my photograph.

I’ve heard it takes up to 8 weeks to get your NTS (notice to schedule) which allows you to physically sit for the exams. I plan to take the first exam (REG) within the first week or so of July, so this better work out! I’m just hoping that my application goes through without any problems, and I’m hoping they update my status at some point so I know my transcripts were delivered.

Right now, I have a rough plan of the tests I’m taking. I paid for all 4 to be taken within 6 months which is SCARY!

Right now I plan on starting with REG- Tax and Business Law. I struggled with individual and corporate taxation in college, so I want to take it when some of the info is fresh in my brain.

Next, I’m thinking I’ll do audit because I’m also familiar with that from my internship at Deloitte and from my senior spring auditing class. Audit is said to be one of the “easier” tests, so it will be a good break from REG. I’m planning on taking that at the beginning of August.

Next, FAR. FAR is basically all of my technical accounting classes I learned in college to the extreme. FAR is said to be the hardest, and the one you need to study for the most, so I’ll be dedicating over a month to that one and sitting for it September 10th, the day before the blackout starts.

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a blackout period where you can’t sit for CPA exams.

In the middle of the September black out, I’ll be starting work at Grant Thornton and studying for the last exam, BEC. I’ll be taking that one in the beginning of October.

If all goes to plan, I hope to be done all 4 exams by the middle or end of October 2019!

Stay tuned for weekly updates when I begin studying on June 7th!

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