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Easton’s Best Eats

Well hello Stonehill fam!

As the fall semester approaches I bet you’re just itching to get back to school

(I know I am)

Going along with my foodie instagram (@foodie.impasta) I’ve decided to give y’all a guide to some of the best food spots in Easton and the surrounding towns!

Next to every restaurant, I will put $ to show how expensive it is- The more $, the more expensive

Sit Down Style:


  • Stonebridge, Easton MA: $/$$
    • Located right next to Panera and Bertuccis, this place is literally poppin on the weekends. The wait is always at least 30 minutes but it’s definitely worth it, especially after a long night the night before. You can also get breakfast to go & there’s never any problems splitting checks!

IMG_9372 2

  • The Farmer’s Daughter, Easton MA: $$$
    • One of the most talked about restaurants in Easton located on Main Street. If you thought a 30 minute wait is bad- try an hour or 2 for this place, especially on weekends! I’ve only gone once on a monday morning right when they opened and there was no wait. However, I paid $6 for a fresh squeezed orange juice (which was worth every penny & pictured above) so be ready to spend some cash!
    • Also serves lunch!!

Lunch & Dinner:

  • Stoneforge, Easton MA : $$$
    • A popular destination for Stonehill students and located right across from the “Sem” this place is poppin, especially on weekends. This place has a huge menu and there’s definitely something for everyone. It’s a great place for a nice meal but it’s definitely on the more expensive side.
  • Town Spa, Stoughton MA: $/$$
    • Located right down the street on 138 in Stoughton this place has some of the best pizza around. It’s always packed at night and also allows you to do pick up. BE AWARE!! THIS PLACE IS CASH ONLY
  • El Mariachi, Easton MA: $$/$$$
    • A small mexican restaurant located on 138, this place is one of the most favorited by Stonehill students. Rumor has it, they have the best margaritas (but i wouldn’t know). They offer chips to start and they will also make guac right in front of you. My personal favorite is the chicken fajitas and they definitely give you enough food for left overs.
  • Johnny Macaroni’s, East Bridgewater MA:
    • This is my absolute favorite sit down restaurant near school. Located off of exit 16 on route 24 and about 20/25 minutes from Stonehill. The menu is endless and their Italian food is amazing. The portions are huge and you will have leftovers for DAYS. My favorites there are the chicken, broccoli, ziti and lasagna.

Some other places to check out!

  • Maguire’s, Easton MA:
    • Pub food about 10 minutes away from Stonehill
  • Corfinio, Easton MA:
    • Italian food located right down 138 in Easton! Approx 3 min away from Stonehill
  • Bamboo Cafe, Brockton MA:
    • Asian food located about 2 minutes from Stonehill on Belmont Street
  • Yamato, Brockton MA:
    • Japanese food located off of exit 18 on route 24. About 10 minutes from Stonehill

For A Quick Bite:


  • Back Bay: $
    • If you know me, you know I’m OBSESSED with this place. I go there at least 3/4 times a week (I know that’s probably not a good thing). This place has every bagel you could imagine (my personal recommendations include: Cinnamon Sugar, Honey Wheat, and Plain lol) There’s also a variety of bagel sandwiches you can pick from. The staff is super friendly and even if the line is wicked long, you won’t be standing there for more than 10 minutes.

Lunch & Dinner:

  • Mario’s, Easton MA: $$
    • This place is a hidden gem. Located off of 138 in Easton, it serves Italian food, either to go or for a sit down meal. This isn’t a typical sit down place though. First you order and pay at the counter and then sit at a table of your choice. They bring you some bread and butter and then bring out your meal. It’s a very casual place loved by the locals. Their portions are also RIDICULOUS. My personal favorites there include chicken, broccoli, ziti and the ravioli.
  • Little Sammy’s, Brockton MA: $/$$
    • This place has amazing burgers, pasta, basically anything you want they have it. It’s located about 7 minutes away from Stonehill and is a popular place for students. You can either get your food to go or sit down and eat it there. My personal favorites include the mac & cheese burger and chicken parm mac & cheese.

Some awesome pizza & sub places around Stonehill:

  • Georgio’s, Brockton MA: $
  • Anna’s, Easton MA: $
  • Slice of Greek, Easton MA: $


Time for Dessert!

IMG_3513 3

  • Hilliards, Easton MA: $/$$
    • If you’re looking for homemade chocolate, this is the place to go. Located about 3 minutes down the road from Stonehill, it’s a popular place for students to go to get their sugar fix. They’re infamous for their caramel apples in the fall and will always give you free samples when you walk in. My personal favorites there include chocolate covered pretzels, milk chocolate covered caramels, and caramel apples with sea salt (pictured above).
  • Daddy’s Dairy, Brockton MA: $/$$
    • The closest ice cream place to Stonehill and within walking distance. There are so any flavors to choose from in both hard and soft ice cream. They also offer alcohol infused ice cream! My personal favorite is the extreme chocolate in a waffle cone! However, Daddy’s is somewhat pricey for the portions.

IMG_8450 2

  • Crescent Ridge, Sharon MA: $$
    • Located about 10/15 minutes from Stonehill, this is one of everyone’s favorite places. They have homemade ice cream in a ton of flavors. Be Aware: the line is always SO LONG. The ice cream is also somewhat pricey but there are big portions. My favorites include french vanilla (pictured above) with chocolate jimmies or caramel sea salt pretzel with real chocolate covered pretzels in it! If you’re feeling daring, try their famous black bear ice cream!
  • White’s Bakery, Brockton MA: $/$$

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