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Why My Summer Job Has Nothing To Do With My Major

Tomorrow I begin my second job of the summer (the first being a Key Holder at Cold Stone) by moving back into Stonehill. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a Pre-College Program Summer Counselor for the month of July.

Some have asked me recently “Why not get a job in accounting or finance for the summer?”

To that question I say this:

The past two years I have worked extremely hard to improve my skills and knowledge in both accounting and finance- through academics and clubs on campus. However, I recognize that there are some skills that cannot exactly be taught in a class or through simply being a member of a club.

Next year, as the new President of Stonehill’s Enactus chapter and as a candidate for Beta Alpha Psi and accounting internships for summer 2018, I recognize that I need to further develop other skills- leadership, programming, planning, public speaking, etc. Although some internships in my field of study may certainly help develop these skills as well, I fully believe that being active, constantly collaborating with people, and the mentorship I will receive can take these skills to a level I have only dreamed of.

I will be the first to tell you that I am not the best public speaker- this is certainly my weakness that I’ve been working to address. With this job, I need to be able to get up in front of a group of prospective Stonehill students and be completely confident in what I’m saying, because if I’m not then they will not be either.

One specific task I will have to complete is a 5 minute presentation about the Office of Intercultural Affairs. To me, this is even more challenging than a presentation about a company analysis in my investments course. Why? Because at least in my finance course I know what I’m talking about. This presentation is making me do research to better understand my subject and to become a so-called “expert” for these students.

Although some may say being a counselor is easy, I 100% believe that learning how to create events and run them smoothly is something anyone should know how to do. Also, the fact that I’m responsible for these students should not go unnoticed as it shows some definite leadership skills and responsibility.

So yes, I’ve decided not to take a job in accounting or finance for the summer and I don’t think it will hurt me in the slightest. I even think I’ll have a leg up on other candidates going for internships next summer. Why? I’m a well rounded candidate that can do more than balance a balance sheet- I can create programs, speak in public, and work well with and lead others. These are all qualities of valuable employees, qualities that I strive to develop at the youngest age possible.

With all of that being said, I look forward to starting my new journey of professional development tomorrow and cannot wait to use the skills I acquire for years to come!

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