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Welcome to Wartburg Castle!

After leaving Erfurt, we being our journey by making a pit stop at Wartburg Castle before we finally arrive in Nuremberg.

I realized that I will probably be saying a lot about Nuremberg, so I am going to split this post in half. Here is all you need to know about my visit to Wartburg Castle!

*This is mostly a photo post this time so enjoy the pics!

If you’re like me, you know nothing about the reformation and Martin Luther (no, not the civil rights leader). Well quick 5 second summary for you:

  • The reformation was basically a revolution lead by Martin Luther against the Catholic church- wanting to reform some of the things they didn’t like. Things included masses in Latin (which was a dead language even back then), indulgences (tickets to heaven), not being able to read and interpret the scripture for yourself, and a bunch of other things.
  • Martin Luther started his journey at the Augustinerkloster mentioned in my previous blog and then continued to Wartburg Castle, where he spent like a year(ish) translating the bible into languages that people could actually read!! What a guy huh.

And now onto Wartburg….

At first we drove through this small town and windy forrest road and ended up at the bottom of this large hill. We walked up all of the stairs (seriously there were so many and it was painful) and arrived at the start of the castle. Here are some photos of when we actually made it to the top!_JMM5216_JMM5218

Once at the top, we began a tour of the castle. The rooms were so intricate and decorated with amazing artwork, a lot of which was original and dated back to the 1300s (ish). I won’t bore you with details of all of the rooms but I will share that the one room that really impressed myself and my classmates was the “Lady’s Room”. This room was dedicated to St. Elizabeth and used mosaic tiles to depict her life story. It was a breath taking room and I wish I could have stayed in it forever. Here is a pic!IMG_5454

Among the other rooms we got to see, this photo below is probably my favorite from Wartburg. _JMM5256

After the tour, we got to go explore on our own and some classmates and I found a tower with a view that couldn’t be topped. Check it out below!

On the middle left is the tower that we climbed up!
View from the top
Another view from the top
Me at the top of the tower with the hillside in the background

Here are some other photos of inside of the walls of the castle:



Another view of the “Lady’s Room”

I hope you enjoy this short post and stay tuned for my post about Nuremberg coming up soon!

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