Delivering God’s Love: Part 3

This post is dedicated to all of the wonderful people I met at God’s Love.

I want to start out by saying I genuinely don’t have enough words to describe how great these people are, and how big their hearts are. However, I’m going to try my best.

Every volunteer I met was a regular. The staff members knew them by name and they knew exactly what to do. There was one guy who was a regular volunteer that I actually thought was a staff member because he knew everything. He knew the chef by name and seemed like they had a great relationship, he knew where everything is, and he knew how to prepare and package everything.

I interacted with a lot of volunteers over the course of the 21 hours there but I want to share one story that stood out to me.

It was the third day volunteering and I went to packaging. I was placed with 3 people who all were so welcoming. Right when I got there, they were asking me about my school, major, and what I like to do.

I think what amazed me the most was how well they knew each other and how they bonded. They all told me they volunteer together tuesday’s and thursday’s every week together and I could tell that they were all good friends. They told me they all met at God’s Love and became friends after they all bonded over film and music. The two older people even said that they were dating.

This is just one example of how connected and welcoming all of the volunteers were. It’s pretty cool to me that people are able to meet, become friends, and bond over food service. At the end of the day, everyone is coming together for the common cause of helping people.

Something else I found cool was how many volunteers have been involved with God’s Love and how many hours people have served.

When we were in the lobby on morning, on the TV there were congratulation messages streaming on it. They said “Congrats to _____ for completing 2000 hours!”. There were so many names and so many hours. It absolutely blew my mind.

The fact that people are willing to volunteer 1000 or 2000+ hours of their time to this organization is truly amazing. I think it just speaks so highly of how amazing this organization is.

There were also so so many celebrities that donated huge amounts of money. For example, THE Michael Kors literally built and paid for the new God’s Love facility. Like What? Thats insane! The fact that these celebrities were so into the message and service behind God’s Love just shows how many lives this place has and will touch.

Whether it is through working there, volunteering, or receiving service from God’s Love, so many have been touched by this organization. It spreads positivity, love, and happiness to so many everyday. I cannot wait to go back someday and experience this all over again!

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