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Put Politics Back in its Place

The inauguration is in less than 24 hours.

The hate surrounding Donald Trump is still seen on every social media platform, newspaper, and news program.

Whether or not you’re a supporter of Trump or Clinton you should hopefully be sick of this by now. If you’re not than I’m not quite sure whats wrong with you.

Since November, one of the biggest things that has caught my attention is that people will bring up Trump and politics in conversations and places where it is completely irrelevant.

Seriously, let me know what Donald Trump has to do with making meals for sick people? Why is Donald Trump brought up in classes that don’t involve politics, work, or just regular places like a gas station? There’s no place for politics in any of those places.

I’m beyond sick of it. 

I don’t care if Massachusetts, college kids, or people in New York city are mostly democratic. I don’t care if the majority of people in the room voted for Hillary, or so you thought.

It’s funny because you really don’t know who voted for who. A lot of people who voted for Trump are forced to hide it and take the criticism because here in MA, NYC, or in the classroom they’re probably the minority.

No matter who you voted for, you should feel ashamed of yourself if you think it’s okay to make someone feel like they need to hide who they vote for for fear of being verbally  or even physically attacked by peers, professors, or adults in general. It’s absolutely disgusting in my opinion, and hopefully in yours as well.

I think one of the biggest examples of this was when I was on my service trip to NYC. This makes me sad to say because I had such a great time, but during this point on the trip I was extremely uncomfortable.

Here’s what happened:

We went in for kitchen orientation, with the woman leading it and another group from a company in the city. We were legitimately talking about food prep and what God’s Love does and somehow the woman leading it brought up Trump. She cracked a few jokes about Trump, making me feel extremely uncomfortable as I looked around the room to see I was the only one who was not laughing. That immediately made me feel uncomfortable to realize everyone in the room had the opposing view.

It got even more uncomfortable when my peers began to bash him as well. I just responded “I don’t talk politics” in hopes that everyone would subtly understand I don’t agree but no one seemed to pick up on it.

Personally, I’m beyond sick of being in these uncomfortable situations, and that was just one example. I have plenty more. It amazes me how people can somehow find a way to bring Trump into anything.

Moral of the story, stop bringing up Trump and politics in places where they don’t belong. Stop with the bitterness and hate. Move on, accept it, and embrace it. Give this guy a chance just like millions of people gave Obama a chance.

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