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I make my own rules

Stop telling me what to do.

It’s as simple as that.

Now more than ever I have people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, where I should or shouldn’t go, and who I should or shouldn’t talk to.

And guess what…. I’m sick of it.

I’m 19 and yes, that may still be young, but it’s also the time in my life where I need to make my own decisions and deal with the consequences of those decisions by myself. 

I appreciate people trying to help me, point me in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely do. But what I don’t appreciate is that others think they know who, what, and where is best for me.

How do you know what will make me happy?  You don’t. You haven’t been there enough, you haven’t asked, and you haven’t listened when I did speak up. 

If I want something, I have my mind set on it and nothing makes me more mad than people trying to change my opinion or trying to stop me. If I want to do it, let me. If it turns out badly I learned from it and if it turns out great you learned to let me follow my heart and mind. 

You can’t tell me “I believe in you” and then try to manipulate and change everything I do for fears that I will get hurt. This is the problem with this generation and this time period: no one wants to get hurt, so they play it safe. But I say NO to that.

In my world of finance, greater risk= greater return. I am truly okay with that concept. Not all risk may lead to great return, but some will. The ones that don’t will only help you to see mistakes you’ve made and will help you not to make them again.

Everyone is going to have failures in their life and no matter how hard you try to protect someone, these failures are still going to happen anyways. So let them happen. Let people learn and let people grow.

Let me grow. 

Let ME discover if I really want to be an investment banker. Let ME decide  whether I like or don’t like this boy. Let ME decide if  I want to take this class or go to this place. 

You have your life, so make decisions for yours and leave me to make decisions for mine. The only thing you’re doing is pushing me away, making me mad, and making me feel less confident in myself. 

I’m going to do what I want, when I want, and what I think will make me the happiest. If you don’t like it- don’t feel obligated to stick around. I will not let you will not be an anchor dragging me down. 

I make my own rules, and they don’t involve anyone except myself.


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