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What this election has really shown me:

The “Silent Majority” has spoken…..

Last night, on November 8th 2016- Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the USA, something almost no one predicted.

I woke up today angry, sad, and disgusted. Not because of Donald Trump’s election, but because of what I saw and heard on Facebook, Twitter, and at my college. Im disgusted and saddened by the actions of many Americans and here’s why:

Tweets such as “I’m moving to Canada” or “Trump didn’t win. Racism won. Sexism won. Hate won. Lack of education won.”  were blasted through the internet, criticizing anyone who voted for Trump.

Facebook posts degraded anyone who voted for Trump calling them racists, sexists, and any other “ist” there is.

In my economics class, my professor attacked students who voted or would vote for Trump that day, calling them “uninformed” (although we all had to watch the debates for homework) and saying sharply “how could you vote for someone like that”. Looking around the class, I could see some of my fellow students faces looking defeated, feeling stupid, and feeling personally attacked.

My question is: since when was it okay to personally attack people about who they voted for? Voting is our right and our duty to vote for someone who we think will do the best job in office. Your opinion may vary from your friends or family member’s but guess what? It’s America. You can vote for who you want and they can vote for who they want!!! You can’t stop them and you should not judge them for their beliefs.

This election has opened my eyes to the burning hatred brewing in this country. Day by day, the country becomes more divided with every new political scandal, police officer shooting an African American, or a police officer  getting killed themselves.

Everyone on social media is calling for change, calling for unity. But are they actually taking action? NO. They’re sitting behind their phones, tablets, computers complaining and talking about how fearful and sad they are.

The USA is a country of 300+ million people, WE make the change, not one man or woman.  We need to get up from behind our computers and phones and make this change. WE have all of the power to unite. One man cannot repeal our right to gay marriage or our right to chose to have an abortion. This is our country and as proven last night, the people really do have a voice- whether you liked the use of that voice or not.

I will leave you with this quote:

“United we stand, divided we fall”

Let’s come together and keep America GREAT

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