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The Mess That is the 2016 Election

Trump v. Hillary: That’s the best we can do?

Despite the country being so divided, I think most Americans can agree upon one thing:

HOW are these the best two U.S citizens to be the president in a country of 300 million + people?

Honestly, it sickens me that my first presidential election has represented more of a high school cat fight for prom queen than a presidential race to be the leader of our nation. It makes me wonder if this type of election is going to be the new “normal” in future political races to come. Historically, presidential elections back in the early days of the US were not pretty either, but they also didn’t have their nasty battles on such a public scale. With social media and other news outlets, we get the latest scoop on what disgraceful thing one of the candidates said just 10 minutes ago. Catty twitter fights and dramatic attack ads have defined this election, and that’s not a good thing.

I’m repulsed and you should be too, BUT you still need to vote!

Many people I’ve talked to see Tuesday, November 8th as the day they vote for the lesser of two evils (or one of the randoms on the ballot).

I see this day as a day to voice your opinion about the direction you want this country to go. With these candidates (or maybe just Hillary, since Trump is so unpredictable) there are two definite paths they want this country to move in.

I will not use this post to advocate for either side, although my close friends know what side I am for. Instead, I hope to make people realize that voting IS IMPORTANT! African Americans, women, and many other minority groups were given this right less than a century ago, so show your respect to Susan B Anthony and the Civil Rights workers and GO VOTE! They fought for YOU, it’s the least you could do to say thank you!

The lesser of the two evils: Who do I pick?

I cannot and will not tell you who to vote for, because honestly they’re both not outstanding options in my eyes.

Here is some advice from one of my professors that I will leave you with:

  • Pick someone who you think has character
  • Pick someone who’s policies on education, social programs, the economy, defense, etc. you agree with the most

And most importantly:

  • The president should be someone who you can see leading, protecting, and defending this country and who can get the job done. This is not about who they are in their personal lives, but what they can do for our country with their skill set they have presented to us.




Featured photo source: http://abc7news.com/politics/california-and-bay-area-election-results-and-voter-resources/1376363/

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