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A Friday in Salem!

My 4 State Road Trip!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, but here’s a teaser below!

My Mom & I in Yellowstone!

Taking a Day off for Some Spring Fun!

It was 72 in Boston today and I decided to actually take a day off from both school and work, since I have been working/studying 7 days a week since January! I went to the Boston Public Gardens, Kendall Square, and Beacon Hill to take some spring photos with my camera and new GoPro I got from my boyfriend for Christmas.

Click here to see all of my fav photos from that day!

5 Travel Apps You NEED to Have Downloaded!

I’m the definition of a planner and I literally have an app on my phone for everything. In this post- I share my top 5 travel apps that are essential for planning trips, getting around your destination city, and finding the best food and activities while you’re there. Check it out here!

North of Boston’s Best Eats!

Check out a list of my top 10 favorite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in the North Shore. All restaurants featured are locally owned!

Click here to check it out!

Boston on a Sunny Saturday:

Below is my favorite photo I was able to snap on an empty street in Beacon Hill. Normally, Acorn Street is packed with tourists and “instagram models” on sunny spring afternoons. Today, it was absolutely empty and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to just take some dang pictures of it without a ton of people in the background- today I got my wish. Check out more pictures of my Beacon Hill adventure here!

My personal experience with the Italian Healthcare System:

Well, it’s taken a global pandemic to encourage me to actually write a new blog post. Today’s topic- the Italian health care system and my personal experience!

I unfortunately got emergency surgery in Italy in 2018, so this will for sure be an interesting read! Click here!

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