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Listen to my new podcast! The Boston & Beyond Pod

I am a HUGE podcast fan, I love putting them on while I do work. They help me pass the time & teach me something at the same time. I have been in search of good travel podcasts and they always come up short. They never really pique my interest because they are always full-time travelers who I honestly cannot relate to because, you know, I need to have an actual job to make $$$!

With that, I have decided to start my own podcast for those looking to get into traveling or simply travel more. I want this pod to be relatable to those who have jobs, are in school, and simply can’t afford to quit their jobs and travel the world (I wish).

Give it a listen here!

~R e c e n t F u n~

Exploring Italy’s Umbria region & Why it shouldn’t be overlooked!

During my November 2021 trip to Italy, we spent a lot of time exploring Umbria. It’s definitely one of Italy’s overlooked region- which means that there are so many hidden gems and paths less traveled to explore. Check it out here!

Third time’s the charm- traveling to Italy in November 2021 during COVID!

Learn all about traveling to Rome, Italy during COVID in November 2021. I will share how I navigated COVID restrictions and crossing international borders during the pandemic. Check it out here!

FALLing in love with Brooklyn:

Read all about my fall trip to NYC and my first time exploring Brooklyn! Check it out here!

My 4 State Road Trip!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, but here’s a teaser below!

My Mom & I in Yellowstone!

5 Travel Apps You NEED to Have Downloaded!

I’m the definition of a planner and I literally have an app on my phone for everything. In this post- I share my top 5 travel apps that are essential for planning trips, getting around your destination city, and finding the best food and activities while you’re there. Check it out here!

North of Boston’s Best Eats!

Check out a list of my top 10 favorite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in the North Shore. All restaurants featured are locally owned!

Click here to check it out!

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