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Fall Fun in New England!

Want to learn about my top 5 favorite fall activities?! Click here so you can get some ideas to make your fall the best one yet!

North of Boston’s Best Eats!

Check out a list of my top 10 favorite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert during COVID-19. All restaurants featured are locally owned!

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Boston on a Sunny Saturday:

Below is my favorite photo I was able to snap on an empty street in Beacon Hill. Normally, Acorn Street is packed with tourists and “instagram models” on sunny spring afternoons. Today, it was absolutely empty and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to just take some dang pictures of it without a ton of people in the background- today I got my wish. Check out more pictures of my Beacon Hill adventure here!


Well, it’s taken a global pandemic to encourage me to actually write a new blog post. Today’s topic- the Italian health care system and my personal experience!

I unfortunately got emergency surgery in Italy in 2018, so this will for sure be an interesting read! Click here!

Utah Road Trip!

After taking my second CPA exam, my mom and I decided to take a road trip starting in Las Vegas and working our way up to Salt Lake City, Utah. We saw 4 national parks on or trip and had some very funny experiences along the way.

If you want to see some photos and read more about my UT adventures, go explore the USA tab!

Here’s a preview for ya:

Family Day at George’s Island!

Lived in MA your whole life and never heard of/been to George’s Island in Boston Harbor? Same. However, over Labor Day weekend, my family and I headed to the island to walk around and explore Fort Warren. For more pictures of the day, click here!

Going abroad and not sure what to pack?

Check out my ultimate packing list to make things easier! Click here!

Bunker Hill & Boston

In the summer of 2019, I was studying every weekday and every nice day for the CPA exam, so I decided to take a day off and explore Charlestown and the North End in Boston by myself!

Check the USA tab to see more of my latest hometown shots!

Paul Revere Mall in the North End

My Most Recent European Adventure!

The second day after being a college graduate, my friends and I flew off to Europe and explored across the pond for my 3rd time! Find more specific posts about my adventures under the International Tab. For now, check out my top favorites and least favorites from each place I visited by clicking here!

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